The health benefits of tai chi

    taichiquan 2013-12-09

    His gentle form of exercise can prevent or ease many ills of aging and could be the perfect activity for the rest of yo...

    2013 Wushu Masters in Chenjiagou

    Chenjiagou 2012-11-30

    Tai-Chi Chuancounts among the cultural treasures of EastAsia and is one of the most sophisticated Chinese martial arts....

    Chen Daguan Intruduction

    taichi Master 2012-11-10

    Chen Guanjun, also known as Chen Daguan, was born in 1974 in Chenjiagou Village, Wen County, Henan Province, who is the...

    Chen Youhua Intruduction

    taichi Master 2012-06-14

    1968 Chen Youhua was born in Xulv village Huangzhuang Wen county Henan province, ancestry of Chenjiagou. Her received a...

    Competition Rules Chenjiagou China “Zhaopi Cup” Taiji Kungfu Elite Tournament

    Chenjiagou 2012-03-20

    CompetitionRules(ForoutsideofChina) ChenjiagouChina2012“ZhaopiCup”TaijiKungfuEliteTournament I.Organizers SanctionedBy...

    Chenjiagou China “Zhaopi Cup” Taiji Kungfu Elite Tournament Application Form

    Chenjiagou 2012-03-20

    ChenjiagouChina2012“ZhaopiCup”TaijiKungfuEliteTournament ApplicationForm Pleaseclickontheattachmenttodownloadtheapplic...

    Chenjiagou Kung Fu Museum

    taichi club 2012-02-18 中国bet356走地盘_bet356用safari能打开_bet356娱乐网

    Chenjiagou Kung Fu Museum is founded in 2003,with the Wenxian County Sports Bureau approving the establishment, located ...

    Zhang Fuwang Intruduction

    taichi Master 2012-02-18 中国bet356走地盘_bet356用safari能打开_bet356娱乐网

    Mr. Zhang Fuwang who is from Chen Village was born in 1971,Chinese martial arts in seven, a top referee and boxer,elite ...

    Zhang Dongwu Intruduction

    taichi Master 2012-02-02

    Zhang Dongwu, male, born in Chen village in 1970, Wushu Seventh Dan (a system of Wushu evaluation), state senior coach,...

    Chen Jiagou Wang Yan Chen Style Tai Chi Institute

    taichi club 2012-02-01 中国bet356走地盘_bet356用safari能打开_bet356娱乐网

    The Chen Jiagou Wang Yan Chen Style Tai Chi Institute was founder in 1996. The president of the institute Zhu Laohu, wh...